Sunday, June 5, 2011

What I Love About Myself Now

Going through a breakup is like opening a new book with "Me" as the title. Yes, it's all about ME. What I want and what I mean. Every break up I had gone through made me who I am today. A fighter, a believer and a woman. Tonight, I will go through things that I love about myself.

1. I am not a patient person.I am very ill-tempered which only means YOU as a guy should not mess up with me.
2. I am never late. I arrive on time so YOU as a guy should not be late as well. I don't like my time being wasted.
3. I love shopping. I am a girl. Understand the need to be pretty.
4. I work hard and party hard. 5. I have my opinion on things. Don't try to change that.
6. I defy destiny. I am willing to fight for you no matter what it takes as long as you will fight for me too.
7. I ont fear rejection. I've been rejected so many times in my life. I'm immune with it.
8. I don't fall inlove. I fall madly, deeply inlove.
9. I don't regret caring. If I care for you, I will show you. Doesn't matter what you think about me.
10.I value little conversations, cuddling and simple gestures. Things that can't be bought. I don't ask for material gifts. I just want to feel like I'm VIP in your life.
11. I value effort. I don't forget good things.
12. I ask. Yes, I love asking questions about what you are thinking. I just want transparency.
13. I have faith in myself, in you an in God.
14. I have a life. With or without you, I have a life to live. It's fast-paced so you have to catch up.
15. I am exciting. That means I don't like being bored.

These are just small things that I love about myself. If you can't put up with these, then you can't be a part of my life.

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