Saturday, July 2, 2011

EPIC NIGHT with Friends

Saturday was the day I've been looking forward to! First, because I was scheduled to watch Transformers and second, because I will be watching with people close to my heart. I woke up early that day just to get tickets as soon as the mall opens because I know lines will be super long. I got to the mall around 10AM and found myself lined up in one of the ticket booths. It was crowded in as early as 10AM! I was busy tweeting about what was going on just in case someone was planning to go a little later. Just trying to set expectations for people. It's like everybody's watching Transformers 3. So, anyway, I got 3 tickets only to find out that Marky and Mark wanted to watch too and I can't catch up on the line anymore as the number of people doubled after about an hour or so. Then I decided to go to Southern Flavors to grab lunch. I wasn't really starving so I just got myself and Iced Tea and Quesadillas while waiting for either my sister, Gladys, or my bestfriend, Janella, to arrive. Soon after, my sister arrived and ordered nachos, which was by the way, really tasty! I will post the pics of the food we got here: Enjoy the pics below!

Marky, Me, Gladys, Janella, Mark

Our Transformers Tickets

The Band

Me and Janella

Marky and Me

My sister and Janella

Mark and Me

My Bestfriends!

Mark and Me

Mark and Mark?!haha!

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