Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Loving The Me Time and Me Chances

I haven't seriously blogged about my life recently. Sorry for that. I was too tired and a lot of things had been going on that I can't even find time to blog about my thoughts.

Well, honestly speaking, I was empty the past few days. I was working real hard recently and I am focusing on my goals. I had the chance to be close with people I never expected I would ever mingle with and I guess, this is the miracle of being single. It's opening your door to more people, more chances of learning and more time to realize just what you want in life. What are negotiables and non-negotiables for you.

I met a lot of great people recently. Interesting people, I may say, from different walks of life. They are the reason why I am inspired right now. Don't get me wrong. My family is my biggest inspiration, but those that I have met recently, came as a surprise which made things better for me. I am thankful I met them and that I am now building a strong relationship with each of them.

I haven't dated anybody in 4 months which I think is the best decision I made for myself. Some guys already expressed their intentions to me and I appreciate the fact that they find me attractive because I am me. I appreciate the fact that they are enjoying my company and wanted to get to know me better.

I am not closing my door to a possible relationship anytime soon even though I have said before that I can't imagine myself being in a relationship anytime soon... Because really, I think we can never tell what's gonna happen next. I just trust that the best will happen... In God's time.

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