Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lucille Is Getting Married!

Yesterday I received a message in Facebook with an attachment. I downloaded it and after that I was in total shock. Lucille, my good friend back in 6th grade is getting married this coming July 16th. We’re of the same age. We haven’t seen each other in years because after graduation, she moved to Lanao with her Mom. However, we still maintained a good communication through Social Networking sites. Thank God for their existence right?

So anyway, when I heard the news, I cried. Like really. I became so emotional. Haha! It was because I know Lucille is a very sweet and smart girl. Our muse in class and a leader in school. She has that strong personality which made her one-of-a-kind and I’m so happy that she finally found the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Not everybody in my age gets married. Some just get pregnant, some had live-in partners. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against those who weren’t married but living with their man and having a family of their own. It’s just that I feel, Lucille is a very lucky girl because she’s getting married. In this modern age, it’s not so usual anymore. I met some guys who would rather have many kids than get married to a woman. They’ve been so occupied with the thought that being single is the life of a man and being a Mom is the life of a woman. Lucille found a man who truly loves her and offered her a lifetime commitment that not every man can give.

We won’t be able to attend Lucille’s wedding but definitely, we are wishing her a perfect moment on her wedding where her happily ever after starts. After that, she will have a new life already with bigger and brighter priorities in life. I think marriage is the second best thing in a woman’s life. First is becoming a Mom.

We are all growing up and getting to the part that we never thought we’ll be headed to. It’s just nice that we have seen each other grow and mature. The remaining singles in the group would just be me, Janella, Kath, Marky, Elmer, Nedlloyd, Nico and Jimmy. Who’s next is something we don’t know.


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