Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monte Carlo With My Girls

6PM, I was in a hurry to get to Alabang simply because I have a movie date scheduled with 2 of my closest friends. However, the van that I took didn't leave on time and it was raining really hard so I got to Alabang later than expected. I got there past 7PM and I was soaking wet and looking really unpleasant.

So, 8:40 was the movie schedule. It was a nice, girly movie and it showed so many nice spots in Europe. After the movie, Janella had to leave early whil Kath and i decided to stay behind and have pizza at Giligan's. So, of course, part of the girl bonding is to talk about our failed lovelives and how our breakups took place and the realizations we had. It was a short conversation since we had to leave before 12mn but definitely, we were able to catch up on the basics. We will be watching Harry Potter next week and also we will be seeing each other on Friday next week, Mark Bermudez' birthday.

I enjoyed my Friday with the girls more than the movie. Oh, and I want to go to Europe. can someone take me there? Puhleez.... ? :)

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