Thursday, July 28, 2011


Lately, I’ve been talking to a guy friend of mine who would often joke about finding his soulmate. In all honesty, I have been torn ever since if “soulmates” actually exist until I read Paulo Coelho’s Brida, which gave me enlightenment about the topic. I know the book was fiction but nevertheless, the details seemed so clear that at the back of my mind, I agree with the whole concept of soulmates. I rarely talk about it just because I know I am a hopeless romantic and I believe in the impossible which most people find really weird. Most are practical and not really up to the idea of finding the one who’s really meant for you but rather go with what they want regardless if connection emotionally or spiritually was there or not.

So, I was thinking about it last night too. I was speaking with Kae through twitter and I was telling her how I wish I can meet my soulmate soon. It’s a crazy thought but I think I found mine. And it’s funny that just like Brida, I knew it was him but I was trying to erase the thought because there are other things I should be thinking about or working on in my life. I felt it. It was weird that I found someone who does the things that I have always wished someone would do. Little things like ordering the same food as I do, liking the same music and the same hobbies which is close to impossible that someone from the other part of the world would be like, knowing you barely know each other.

It was the feeling that you know he would talk to you among the crowd and you start to stare at him and recognize that he is familiar in a sense that you know you will get along well. It’s that thought when you are listening to good music and realize that it was something that reminds you of him. But no, I won’t be romantically involved anytime soon. I am taking my time. This soulmate of mine will wait, he can wait until I am a better person. Until I realize what’s best for us: To be together or apart.

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