Friday, August 5, 2011

After A Long Time

FINALLY! I am now able to blog properly after so many days ( weeks maybe? ). I haven't' blogged anything decent recently as I was busy at work plus the fact that I was also organizing and planning my weekend after weekend to keep me occupied. I think I am now a total "event" planner for myself. I've had the chance to catch up with so many people recently and it was the best feeling ever when you get to speak to people who have known you way back when you had that drastic haircut or when your skin wasn't as fair as it is now. Back when the world seems to be as simple as sleeping and eating everyday and not having to worry about bills or work or lovelife. Ahhhhhhh.... I miss being a kid and that is one of the many reasons why I went back to where I came from... with the people I was with when life was simple.

So, just a quick update on my life. Let's start from last Saturday. Finally, I dated someone. haha! After 4 months of just plainly being single ( no dates ) I decided to go out with someone! I would like to congratulate the lucky guy because he was able to convince me to go out with him. But moreover, I commend myself for having the courage to take one step forward and agree on a date just when I thought I wouldn't want to. It wasn't really a serious date and I told the guy that I can't promise to like him back. I was looking for that "spark" which unfortunately, I didn't see on that date. But hey, it wasn't really a total failure. He was a great guy. Gentleman, nice and just how a guy should be on a first date. But, now he's gone. hahaha. Oh well, I guess, he's really not the one for me.

I also did some shopping last week after I got my incentive. And, I can say that my belly dancing has proved to be successful because from size 30, I am now size 27 in jeans. And of course, I celebrated by shopping a pair of jeans and shorts. haha!

After that my entire week was just about work. I was busy looking for the "necessities" in my industry and yesterday, my boss called to ask me about my calls the other day. i admit, my fault. I missed out on the important part of my job even if I was able to book someone in. PC wasn't working properly, the day was going slow, I was emailing people and reading notes candidate per candidate trying to figure out what to do with each of them. I thought i was in big trouble when my boss called. But good thing he told me he's just challenging me to do better and to level-up on my skills as a Researcher. I told him before that I wanted to get promoted. And his honesty towards my performance is something that I really appreciate. He told me to impress him next week. So HELL, I AM GOING TO WORK MY ASS REALLY HARD NEXT WEEK!!!! I.Promise.

Anyway, tonight I will be going out with Kae, my close friend back in grade 3 and after so many years, we will finally see each other!!! I am very excited. We got a lot to talk about. haaaaaaaayyyyyyyy. How I miss my childhood friends.

Hopefully next week will be a productive one, just how it should be. And, I am also counting the days to our Cebu trip! September 18-21 it is! hahaha...


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