Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Prayer For Your Soulmate

A Prayer for Your Soul Mate

The Prayer
I am most grateful for the realization that I have found within myself. I know I am ready to receive my soul mate, as I feel worthy of this blessing. Please help me to prepare my soul for this other being to come into my life.
• I ask to release the thoughts, words, patterns, and behaviors that keep me from living in peace.
• I ask to be complete with relationships that are out of harmony and balance with my life.
• I ask to align my body, mind, and spirit with the thoughts, words, and actions that allow me to feel worthy.
• I ask to love myself to the fullest capacity so that I can attract this significant person into my life.
• I ask to know without a shadow of doubt, when I meet this person.
• I ask you, dear God, to send me the person you feel would be for my highest good.

I trust and believe in your knowing and your loving support, to bring me this person.

May I always remember…
• My soul mate is here to love, honor, and respect me.
• My soul mate is here to walk by my side.
• My soul mate is here to show me how precious this life journey is.
• My soul mate is here to support me.
• … to remind me that I am not in control.
• … to help me allow YOU to guide my life.
• … to assist me to realize my spiritual work.
• … to reflect my fullest potential.
• … to encourage me when I need encouragement.
• … to hold me when I need to be held.
• … to help me through the pain of my darkest moments.
• … to remind me to live fully in the present moment.
• … here to laugh, to love, and to celebrate this life with me.
• … to help me become a living example of this way.
• … to walk the talk and share this journey with others.

My soul mate is here to be with me as we learn to dance with each other,
through all of life’s adventures.

We give thanks to you, dear God, as YOU shine your light upon us, reflecting our radiance of love out into the world.

May we serve YOU, one another, and all others through this precious LOVE.

Thank you God, and so it is.

This is something that was shared to me by a good friend. In all honesty, I didn’t have an idea that there is such prayer existing until this friend of mine, who believes in soulmates, sent me this link. I’d like to share it with you just in case you are also one of us… waiting for our other half… waiting for the right one… or waiting to be found…

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