Thursday, September 29, 2011


I just got back to work today.  I got sick yesterday because of being caught up in the rain during the storm.  I got a bad cold, headache and mild cough. Anyway, I got in today, the usual time, 7:30AM. Then I received an email from Marco regarding a change in the schedule of his meeting with one of our candidates. I was looking at his calendar when the word “offered” was sighted. I checked… and I was surprised to see that it was the candidate I brought in! Yay!

Placement. Yes. After few months of working hard and finding suitable people for roles that we are working on, we finally found the perfect match for the perfect position with the perfect employer. It’s all about timing and really, I thought this candidate won’t be placed since it took us months to work on this! I am so glad that I got to speak to her and she met with one of my bosses and was endorsed by another boss of mine. This is what I call TEAM WORK. TEAM EFFORT. The 3 of us worked really hard for this and it feels like after the stress, sleepless nights, early morning workloads,  everything…. It was all paid off. I guess this placement meant a lot to me considering that this is just my 2nd placement in the industry since I started last February in the Fashion and Luxury Industry. The 2nd placement that I am a “solid” part of.

I am looking forward to more placements. I am working hard on this. I am trying my best to bring in the top candidates that I can and I don’t care if I’m spending 11 hours in the office. It doesn’t matter if I start working from 7:30 or 8AM until 6PM. This is what I really want to do. This is my life. My Bread and Butter . My Love. My Destiny and everything that comes with it. It’s my career. I am challenging myself to be a more productive employee and no, I’m not killing myself. I’m just working hard and as expected, I will party hard or play hard after. 

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