Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thank You

You won't be able to read this message. But like any other "special" people that I write unread letters to, let me just write yours here. Years from now, by chance, you might be able to read this.

Dear You,

First of all, I wanted to say Thank You. Thank you for just being the usual you. You surprise me every now and then. You show me genuine care and respect which is something I haven't found elsewhere. We have different views on things and that could be the reason why we haven't committed just yet. But what's good about it is we do not turn our backs from each other. We talk every once in a while about certain things and talking to you makes my day a lot different than my other days when I had to deal with difficult people. You just know when to listen and you give me the most matured advice. You are the peace and serenity that I've been looking for. It's like attending yoga when I start to forget what this human world is about and just focus on your presence. We've been like this for more than a year now and nothing has changed. This is the consistency that's been hard to find. And yes, we wander around the world, in different places and meet different faces but when we need each other, we both know... We've got each other's back. I won't say I love you because those words mean so much to me that I can't just let it out without knowing if we're on the right track or not. But let me just say that I care... So much. I don't ever want to see you sad or hurt. No matter where this journey takes us, keep in mind that I'm here... Always.

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