Sunday, October 9, 2011

49 Days

I just finished the last few episodes of 49 Days (Pure Love). I admit. I didn't take this tv series seriously for the reason that the plot was revolving around a spirit of a comatosed woman. Talk about "Just Like Heaven" theme.

Anyway, as the story progressed, I fell inlove with the characters specially with the dispatcher and Soo Yi. Their love story was one of a kind. Both grew up in an orphanage and been together since then but the day the guy was about to give the engagement ring to Soo Yi, he met an accident and died. 5 years have passed and Soo Yi haven't moved on. But it doesn't end there because the guy became the scheduler/dispatcher of souls and later on regained his memory of his human life. He once again regained his feelings fo Soo Yi but painful as it is, he's dead and can never come back. The part that made me cry all throughout was when he was given the chance to "live" again for one day just so he can finish what he hasn't finished before he passed away. His meeting with Soo Yi made cry. You can tell they did miss each other. Every scene while they were together seemed really meanigful and dramatic. Until the part when he had to throw the engagement rings and ask Soo Yi to move on for him. Can you just imagine someone you love in front of you telling you to be happy without him and you can see that's not what he wants but he doesn't have a choice? Ouch. Painful.

Anyway, the ending also gave a wonderful twist where everybody ended up happy in heaven and on earth. I can say that the entire story was one of a kind. I don't want to tell you exactly every part of it. It's gonna be better if you watch it yourself. But I can assure you, it's worth watching and please, don't forget to prepare tissue because some scenes will break your heart. ;)

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