Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 1

Today, I guess would be one of my most life-changing experiences. We started our Bible Study after work. We decided to do it at Coffee Bean over dinner. Jackie, one of my officemates who is a devoted Christian introduced the Bible Study to us. Actually, my family used to attend those back when my Dad was sick and even after my Dad passed away. It wasn't that new to me but I admit it, I felt a pang of excitement that I will be doing something like that again.

I decided to attend a Bible Study and go back to worship God. Not that I stopped and not that I lost faith.In fact,I grew up with a strong faith in God which could be the reason why God never failed me. I was able to go to school despite financial difficulties after Dad passed away. I got myself a decent job despite the fact I'm an undergrad. That FAITH kept me alive and surviving. And really, I am doing this for several reasons. 1. I want a new life. A life with purpose. A life with direction. I mean, I can be anything, I am smart, I have looks, I have confidence but where will those take me? I need God so I can put these to use for the purpose he has created me for. 2. I want to thank God endlessly for all that I have in this life and for my life itself. Yes, it's imperfect but it's life and not everybody gets the chance to see or experience what I have gone through. 3. I want to have stronger Faith. I will go through tests and face temptations but I know, with a stronger Faith, I will survive everything and anything. I have tons of other reasons but so far, these are the basics. It's just Day 1. Ther start of a Purposeful life for me. Maybe this time, I will be touched again by His hands and show me what I am living for. Maybe, through Him, my dream to change someone's life will come to reality. But one thing's for sure, with Him life will be better.

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