Friday, October 7, 2011

Dear Mr. Anonymous

Dear Mr. Anonymous,

Hi! I haven't spoken with you in a while. I have been pretty occupied with so many things that I almost forgot about you. I'm so sorry. I hope you understand. I almost gave up hope that one day I will meet you. But as I continued meeting other guys, I realized they were all wrong for me. They can never be like you. And that lead me to this point when I am praying again, to find you. Something good happened yesterday. I attended a Bible Study with friends. I am now preparing for our meet up. I know it's going to be soon. I am improving myself in all aspects so that you will be proud of me. Also, I am strengthening my faith knowing that faith and not fate will lead you to me as I will be led to you as well. I am looking forward to meeting you soon. As for the meantime, take care of yourself as I will be taking care of myself too. I miss you...


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