Saturday, October 29, 2011


Last week was a whirlwind for me. Of course, I had the challenge to bring in candidates on a tough time which I was able to accomplish despite the scarcity of the basic needs. Other than that, my other boss resigned which was a surprise for me.

But of course, it doesn't end there. Remember the guy I mentioned before who often sit beside me or I sit beside him in the van for months now and was such a gentleman to always open and close the van's door for me almost everyday? I think I already got his name. It's Domz. Or maybe Doms. I just heard from the lady he knows and who had been talking to him in the van the other day. Hmmm. Nice name. You know what? This guy is not good looking. I can't classify him as handsome but he's got charm. Maybe because he's a gentleman and he seemed mysterious. It's just funny how I seem to be attracted with this guy for months now without knowing a single thing about him. But, I wanna just leave it this way. I don't want to know a thing about him. Let's keep the mystery and let me enjoy his "gentleness" :)

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