Saturday, October 1, 2011

Every Morning Is A Blessing

Ever wokeup one day and said to yourself "Thank You. This is the LIFE I've always wanted"? I just did yesterday for a reason that I can't explain. Well, do I need to have a reason to appreciate my life? The mornings I wakeup to? I don't think so because basically, waking up every morning is already the biggest blessing and miracle that ever happened to me.

I love my life. I am living the life that I want now. Not that it's perfect because as you know, I've been going through a lot every now and then. But hey, my life doesn't suck because nobody has a life as great as mine. Nobody has walked the same path as I did who can say that it's always been easy for me. I am very thankful for every twist and turn of this life. For every loss and gain, for every tear of sadness and joy, for every trial and sucess.

Each of us should learn to appreciate life. Our lives. No matter what we are going through because it's our story. Our masterpiece. It's a gift to us and what we can do to thank Him is to love the life we are living today. Keep in mind that every breath we take might be somebodyelse's last. Appreciate life. Love your life.

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