Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why My Favorite Bible Story Is About Job

Tonight, after work, I spent time with some friends again for the Bible Study. Of course, the usual suspects: Jackie, Chee, Eloisa, me and Ate Kate. For tonight, we did a follow up on last week's lecture which was about accepting God and letting Him in your life. So ofcourse, we discussed how our week went and we were amazed about the improvements in our personalities. God works on us to make us better people and this week showed us that.

Also, tonight we talked about Bible Stories. I mentioned to them what my favorite was : The Story Of Job. Do you know him? I remembered reading about him before. He was a blessed man. Wealthy, good health, great family. Happy indeed. But all those were taken away from him. He lost his money, his family and he got sick. His Faith was tested. But he has strong Faith that even if he lost what most people value, he believed that God is there for him. He believed in God. Soon, after the trials in his life, he became blessed for being a true child of God. Happy ending right?

I can very well relate to this. I once had everything that I can ever dream about. I had my Mom and Dad. We had money. We had a big house in an exclusive subdivision, we had a car. All I needed to do was enjoy life. But then, my dad passed away. We lost our money, the car, we had to sell our house and we had to move from a Catholic School to a cheaper Catholic School then later on, to a Public School. I thought our life was messed up. I thought I lost everything. But hey, Job experienced far worse than I did. I had my Mom and sister all the time. I was able to eat 3 times a day. I was able to go to school. I had new school stuff every June to get me excited for class. I learned to appreciate the littlest things in life since I lost the biggest things. I learned what hardwork means. What purpose means. What is life, what is strength, what is hope and what is FAITH. Yes, Faith made us survive. Now, it's a miracle that I'm still here and sharing this story to you. It's a miracle that I found a decent job without a diploma. It's a miracle that I was able to provide my sister's tuition fee until she graduated from College. If I didn't have Faith in God that He has plans for me and my family, may
be I have committed suicide. Maybe I had been pregnant at an age that I wasn't supposed to. Maybe I had taken drugs. There were many bad things that I could've become without Faith in God. But I am glad I was brought up to trust that He has better plans for me and my family. It's also good that my Mom taught us to believe that God does exist even in times of trials. Up to now, I still believe that. My trials aren't over yet. I have a long life to live and every now and then I will get hurt, I will tumble down. But the story of Job will continue to inspire me. I will cling to God no matter what the circumstance is. I trust that He has plans, bigger and better than what I have for myself.

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