Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tiis Ganda Mode

Today is my 3rd day. I don't know if I made the right decision at first. But I was tempted. How can I say no when I know it will save me? How can I decline the offer when I know it's what I need. I just wanted things to be better. Now, tell me... Is it a wrong decision to try Carb Trim?

Haha! What were you thinking of? Haha! Yeah. I gave in. No matter how much I wanted to rely on excercise and proper diet, I just can't make it. I just can't seem to become as thin as before so I decided to give Carb Trim a go.

I started drinking it last Monday and I'm telling you, after 30 mins. or so, I felt like I wanted to poop and so I did. No hassle. I was at home. But I still had the feeling that I wanted to poop more. I fell asleep comfotably anyways and come 2nd day, I was in the office and I felt like I wanna poop again. Unfortunately, I can't because I'm not used to doing it in a restroom that's not in our house. I know. So choosy. So, I went straight home and as soon as I got in, I went straight to the restroom. Sorry for my gross description but this time, it smelled different. Like toxins have been released. After that, today I was feeling better than the first 2 days. In fact, it felt all normal today. As usual, I took it before dinner. I think this one's quite effective because I don't feel too hungry at any time anymore and after drinking, I usually feel warmth in my tummy ( not sure if it's part of how it works or if it's just my imagination ). I am planning to buy 2 more boxes so I can continuously take it. :) I'm not stopping until I'm thin. ;)

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