Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Today Marks A VERY Special Day

Ok guys and gals! As much as I would like to hold off on the news, I can't. Been keeping this all day and really, I guess it's time to blurt out the great experience I had just this morning. :) ready? Here we go!

Yes! I got to speak to Domz today! Yeeeeeeeeeeee! Haha. *blush*

Ok. So it wasn't a personal conversation. I just asked him if he wanted me to pass his fare to the driver and he said it's ok, he can do it himself. But please feel free to congratulate me! It took me months before I finally had the courage to freakin' do that! Haha! I saw him smile after and he looked away when I looked at him. Anyway, it feels funny to actually be inspired by an anonymous person right? But I feel so highschool and boy, I don't care! I am enjoying the mystery! I like the feeling of thrill, thinking what's gonna happen next.

Let's mark this date, wait and see. I hope he's not married, with a kid or gay. Haha!

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