Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Day I Went Blonde

Said my farewell to my black hair yesterday. I wanted to look different and so I opted to get the most extreme of the extremes that I can get. BLONDE.

Hello blondie! haha! 7PM, I visited Azta Urban Salon in Alabang Town Center and decided to have my hair dyed. I have a very long and thick hair so I already expected the price to be quite overwhelming and I was right. It cost me almost 6K to get this color ( So now, I'm starting to wave goodbye to the idea of cutting in the Victoria Beckham way since I spent too much on it for the color ).

What I loved about going to the salon last night was the fact that when I arrived, it wasn't crowded. I actually got the treatment as soon as I got there. Second, the service was great. In fact, I was so comfortable with the 2 guys that assisted me and I did give them a good amount of tip that I don't usually give when I visit other salons. Lastly, I just showed the picture of the hair color I want and they did it ( including my eyebrowse ) perfectly. My hair color was even and I loved the fact that all the staff in that salon were friendly.

This is just the start of my makeover. I don't consider myself ugly but I can say that I haven't reached my best shape yet. There's more to improve about me and it starts NOW. What's even better than taking care of yourself and making yourself feel confident and beautiful, right?

Let's ROCK 2012! Year of the Dragon, Here comes the DRAGON at its best.


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