Monday, December 12, 2011

Hoardin' Blazers

I shopped the whole weekend! Guilty. Sorry. haha! But what's a girl to do when it's almost Christmas and you want to feel good about yourself, being the busy girl who's been single for months now? Shopping or retail therapy is the answer. (Ladies like me please raise your hands! )

Anyway, I didn't just shop for myself. I wasn't that selfish. I spent a lot of money this time but the good thing is I shared it with the family. I bought gifts for people that are dearest to me. But what I love the most about the stuff I shopped for were the blazers I hoarded in SM Department Store.

SM is actually one of my favorite malls to go to simply because it's so accessible for me. I live in the South and this mall is like 15 minutes away from my house! So, last Saturday, I was out with my Mom. We went to the mall around 1PM and started our shopping. Got 3 nice blazers for me. I got a white blazer ( inspired by Transformer's Rosie Huntington- Whitely  ), a leopard print blazer and a red blazer. I chose the colors based on the available dresses/ outfits that I have.

Y'all know I've been looking for good blazers for quite sometime now right? These blazers are the answer to my prayers! The length, texture and style of the blazers are good for both formal and casual attire. Pair it with jeans, slacks, shorts, dress or skirt and it will be perfect already with that really chic look!

I am posting the blazers as well as some outfit ideas that will match the style I'm talking about soon so please watch out for my posts in the coming days!


Sorry if I wasn't able to post anything recently. I've been really busy with work and I got sick. But I'm feeling better now and I did miss blogging! :)


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