Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Sweet Life

What's a sweet life? Maybe it's about having what you want or being who you want to be. As for me, a sweet life is the life I have now. Imperfect but worth living.

I am very thankful once again that for 8 months, I have been spared from another terrible heartache. For 8 months, I remained a strong, independent woman who has an appetite for life and everything that comes with it. Yes. My life is not perfect. I'm not rich, I'm not tall. My face is nothing but ordinary. But so far, I'm doing good and I'm happy and contented. I've learned some lessons the hard way and I am forever thanful for that because it groomed me to become a better person than what I was before.

One of the sweetest part of it is having a family like mine. God knows how thankful I am to be blessed with a very understanding Mom, who despite my stubborness, still love me as her child. I am also very blessed to have 2 Fathers. My real dad who became my tough competition when it comes to achievements and hard work. He's a perfectionist and somehow, having a dad like him did me good. It's not just about the pressure of performing but that also involves the love for what you are doing and setting goals for yourself. My second Dad, is the the dad who taught me that relationships can last long and that even without marriage, a happy family is attainable. He wasn't blessed with overflowing cash and he can't marry Mom because it's my Mom's choice. But he continues to love and respect her the way no other man can. Mom is so lucky to have him. I. Also feel very blessed to have a sister and a brother who inspires me to keep on fighting despite the many challenges. I serve as an inspiration to them but what they don't know is that they are the reason why I have come this far.

It's a sweet life for me. Just like my strawberries and cream frapp without whip cream and with non-fat milk. :)

Smile everybody! Your life itself is a miracle. No matter how bad things go, take it this way... It's a sweet life.

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