Friday, January 27, 2012

Dear Soulmate

I was at Boracay last Saturday for 3 things: My Promotion, Kath's Birthday and Chinese New Year. I never expected to be able have time to think about life until I asked for 3+ hours away from Kath to enjoy the place by myself.

I was strolling at the beach, enjoying the sun, hoping to get tan lines and feeling the white sand on my feet.. it was paradise. I've never felt so peaceful. I kept thinking... hundreds of people in that beach, could one of them be THE ONE? I sat down, watched couples enjoy with their kids and I was close to tears imagining if life will be as sweet as that for me.

I haven't seriously dated anyone for 9 months. All I know is that I've been experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. I like this guy today and tomorrow I don't. Very inconsistent. I wanted a simple, very ordinary guy today and yet when I wake up the following morning, I tend to realize I could have been meant for someone better who can match my greatest skills. What is love? Where can I find it? Is there such thing as true love? Or is is just a mere imagination that someone out there is made just for me? I wanted to know. How much am I willing to compromise? How high should my standards be?

I'm all about questions. Maybe because I haven't found the magic of true love. No. I haven't felt it yet even if I had a night sealed with a kiss. Even if my hand was held gently and even if I was hugged warmly by someone. It wasn't what I thought would complete me.

I'm turning 24 this year and I am not getting any younger. I'm not rushing to get married but I don't want to waste my time either. I have been praying so hard to meet someone who deserves me and who I deserve as well. Someone who won't give me the moon and the stars but will give me love, honesty, loyalty and respect. I don't need someone who can bring me to Paris but will bring me ever lasting joy and will keep a strong Faith in God and our relationship.

I may seem materialistic and practical most of the time but behind those words lie a deeper meaning than what  other people may have thought. I just wish someone can read between the lines.... and understand.

This post includes a prayer, hopefully, someone who is reading this will realize that I AM THE ONE as well...,

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