Saturday, January 7, 2012

What I Really Want RIGHT NOW

I've been reading the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne . It's like a self-help book on how you can achieve more of what you want in life. One thing they kept saying in book is to think positively and the universe will respond to you positively as well. I guess I have been practicing that for years now, without even knowing and reading the book will help me enhance that ability.

I'm a very simple person but of course, as we grow older, a lot of things change. Right now, I want things that I never wanted before and here's a list of what I want RIGHT NOW, in every aspect of my life. Nope, this ain't a New Year's Resolution but this could be a lifetime plan. I'm out here, starting to conquer the world and achieve my dreams.

1. I want a PROMOTION. Additional tasks, tougher challenge to enhance my skills and a salary increase.
2. I want more people to agree on what I want. When I say I need to talk to you for a role, I want you to say YES.
3. I want to be more efficient to the point that my boss can say I'm the BEST person to work with.

1. I want to buy a RED CAR and a RED VAN.
2. I want to learn how to drive.
3. I want to continue investing in the STOCKMARKET for my retirement.
4. I want to buy the lot beside my parents house and have MY OWN HOUSE.
5. I want to TRAVEL around ASIA. Cambodia, Japan, India, Korea-- I will go there!
6. I want to take my family for a great vacation in Bohol or Boracay and then, to Singapore or Thailand.

1. I want a man who knows how to RESPECT me and my family.
2. I want a man who works hard and spends time with his family as well.
3. I want a man who knows how to take responsibilities but knows how to have fun as well.
4. I want a man who is LOYAL to me and his promise of FAITHFULNESS.
5. I want a man who has big dreams and will do his best to make it happen.
6. I want a man who can equal all that I can do or give but will not try to overpower me at all times.

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