Sunday, February 12, 2012

True Love Waits

I just got home from a seminar in Jackie's church. For a change, I wanted to hear a word from the Lord about LOVE instead of finding "someone" to fulfill the little space inside me. I'm not sad. I just feel incomplete. Not a big part, just a small one but still, I want to feel complete regardless.

So, today I heard testimonies from people. They told me stories of different kinds of LOVE. I heard a story from a single guy, a single Mom and a happily married woman. So yes, they all felt incomplete at one point but they learned something: God's love can give you the kind of love that no human being can give. Other than that, the entire time I was hearing about love, it just kept on whispering to me that somewhere out there is a man who is made just for you. You just have to prepare yourself and be ready to accept the person in your life. And no, waiting for the RIGHT ONE is not the proper description of things. Instead, you have to be the right one for your soulmate. Which only means, you have to feel complete as an individual and be a better person in order to love and accept the person who is meant for you.

It's proper to say that love comes with complications. But what are complications when you have fully accepted the fact that the Lord has plans for you? And yes, this is FAITH and not FATE. One thing I have realized today is that I have to let things go and let God take the lead. This is really me, talking. I do not know how I ended up trusting my whole life and destiny to the Unknown. But words cannot explain how I have felt miracles all my life and that led me to believe now that the miracle isn't over. And no, it's not too late for me. There is someone out there who is made just for me... behind the many jerks I've met, behind the many liars and cheaters, behind the men who took advantage of my foolishness, yes... there is still one good man left and that good man is MINE.

I am getting tired of meeting the wrong one. And I know I've met them because I am also the wrong one around that time. But now, I AM SAYING GOODBYE TO BEING MS. WRONG. I will prepare myself for the arrival of the RIGHT ONE. I will be a better woman and in God's time, I will meet him. In God's time, things will fall into place, just as He has planned. :)


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