Thursday, March 15, 2012

If We Ever Meet Again...

You know that feeling when someone special has flown away. At this very moment, that person is up there.. on a plane flying somewhere and you don’t know when or if you’ll see that person again.

It’s not the best feeling when you know you are holding back your tears from falling each time you are reminded of the laughter and the great times. It’s not an easy task being the one who’s left to wait—for God knows how long.

You want to have a good time but you start to realize that good times are supposed to be shared with that person only. And not even commitment can define that. Not even loyalty or faithfulness. It could be love which combines all emotions that are undefinable. But probably, it will hurt if it is love. For love brings the sweetest of all things, both joy and pain.

It’s very rare to experience that kind of spark with one person. Like you move on for months, or so you thought. But when you see the person, the spark comes out again, like it was never lost. In fact, it became more sparkling, more warm… more bright than how it was before.

All the mixed emotions of fear that he might not come back or that he might find a home in someone else’s arms, the feeling of hope that maybe you have left a mark on that person’s life and a feeling of thrill if you’ll ever meet again.

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