Saturday, March 31, 2012


What's my purpose on earth? Why am I still alive? Am I here to do something for someone?

Life Changing. Yes, that is my purpose. Not that it had been my choice... But I know for a fact that it is a task I must fulfill while I am here. Everyday, I meet people and get the chance to talk to them. For some reason, people feel comfortable talking to me. I guess, through that, one of my prayers are being answered. I want to be able to change someone's life. Until now, that something that my heart desires.

Recently, I have been spending time talking to Mr. Anonymous about his burdens, worries, stress...his life. I really appreciate the fact that he opened up since he seemed to be a pretty hard case to crack. Anyway, everyday, I've been really happy listening to him and trying to cheer him up and tell him how great this life is. Although, of course, I haven't told him much about myself since I like to keep my privacy on things that really matter to me. But right now, I am really hoping that I am able to help this person in my simple way. Let God guide me on this journey.

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