Saturday, April 7, 2012

Everything ( It's You ) by Mr. Children - English Translation

Since the time when I was a boy who knew nothing of the world,
I'd trusted only in myself
I've somehow lived to be the man I am today,
through the support of a kind person

whining, letting loose with the complaints
seeing how it hurts another, but pretending not to.

Now, it's hard to see what's important, 
because I'm so happy
I can't even find the words to sing
pressed for time, at a loss

oh love of my life! 
Do you also harbor feelings so like pain in this way? 

If there's something I'm willing to protect 
no matter what I must sacrifice
for me, now, I think it's you.

At the end of the journey, 
I wonder what it is, those who follow their dreams get?
with lies and contradiction in their hands
do they realize, "this too is man"? 

Oh love of my life! I want to see you!
even supposing this isn't really love

If I should be ruined, without hesitation
throw away that old baggage.
Feel free to open and go ahead through a new door. 

If there's something you want, 
no matter what must be sacrificed,
if that's me, go on, do as you please.
even if I must sacrifice myself, 
there's only one thing that I must protect
and that's you. 
it's always you.

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