Saturday, April 7, 2012

Konayuki by Remioromen ( English Translation )

The season in which the powdered snow dances always passes by
Even if I’m lost in a crowd, I can see the same sky
Even though I’m chilled as if I’m being blown by the wind
I don’t know anything about you, do I?
And yet, I found you amongst a billion people
There’s no (scientific) basis for this, but I believe this with all seriousness
We can’t live at the same time without trivial fights
If I can’t be honest, then rapture and sorrow are meaningless
Powdered snow, if you paled me white to the heart
Can you share our loneliness?
I pressed my ear against your heart
Going gently, deeply towards where the sound (is coming from)
(That’s where) I want to disembark,
There, we’ll meet once again
I want us to reach rapport but I was the (only) one who touched its surface
The only thing that was holding us together was my hand squeezing yours that was numb with cold
Powdered snow, in front (of us), eternity, too fragilely, becomes a stain upon rough asphalt
Powdered snow, this heart that has transcended time is faltering
And yet, I want to continue to protect you
Powdered snow, if you paled me white to the heart
You would wrap around our loneliness and send it back into the sky

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