Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Poem For Life

It’s a mystery how one can be so lonely yet show so much happiness.
How one can give support but is needing support as well.
How one can mend broken hearts but still and always will be broken.
It’s a mystery how one can love and not ask anything in return.

How you define yourself would be the same as how others will define you.
Selfless. Would you be defined as one? Or maybe a loser for always giving?
Or maybe naïve for believing that after all the good you have done, you will be rewarded with true happiness?
And if you do not give? Would you be defined as selfish? Or would it be more of strong and willing? Powerful in every sense of the word?

And yes, maybe nobody can understand. Nobody holds the key to the true definition of being human.
All the faults, the wrong decisions, the failures… or it could be all the love, successes, perfect timing on things.
And life is but a question. I wonder will I ever get the answer?

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