Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Anj

Yesterday was my birthday... My 24th. Compared to last year, this is actually a better birthday. I was at Puerto Galera last year, having fun with some friends, got really drunk and was trying to move on. This year, I'm in Tokyo, Japan for a business trip and everything went really well yesterday. The weather was great and seems like things are going just the way I wanted it ( except for the part that I fell off while I was with my boss because I missed a step ).

So anyway, lunch was at Hooters. I was so surprised when the Hooters girls approached me with a pie on a plate that says "Happy Birthday Anj" so, thanks to MP for that. It was awkward but it was fun. Almost everybody in the office greeted me a Happy Birthday. After work, we went to a Japanese resto for authentic Japanese food then went to Korean town, Coffee Prince Shop, for dessert. It was really fun!

Here are some photos!


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