Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Me, trying to climb the pole

Pole dancing is a new challenge. Been thinking about Pole Dancing since last year and finally, I found a convenient gym to enroll to for this class. 360 Circuit Fitness offers pole dancing at 400Php per session if you're not a member and 200Php if you are a member of their gym. The instructor is from Pole Cats Manila so it's guaranteed to be fun while learning.

I met so many new people and we have different goals in pole dancing. In my case, I wanted to tone up my body ( arms,  get some abs.. you know what I mean ). I don't intend to be thin at all. It's impossible as I have big bones hahaha. Hips are kinda wide since I was in puberty stage so yeah. Won't be thin. Anyway, I wanna have that Kim Kardashian body. hahahaha! At the same time, I wanna have fun while doing it so I won't notice that I am waiting for improvements.

Wish me luck in this new challenge! ;) 

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