Thursday, August 23, 2012

At 24

May 23… It’s been 3 months since I turned 24. But it feels like so many things happened. Like it’s been a year.
Stepping into a new age, a new life unfolded. A lot of self-discoveries unveiled. Friendships lost. Friendships gained. New tasks, new goals. And yes, probably a new view—of life and how strange things are turning out for me.
My path is still yet to be determined. It’s not something that I can foresee or predict despite the fact that for several times, my intuitions prove to be right. How things will turn out in the end is something that I am yet to see… but not anytime soon.
I have gone through whirlwinds recently. Emotions that were so strong it drives me off the wall sometimes. It’s not surprising. After all, I know I have always been like that. Just that lately, I think it was uncontrollable.
I have new wants and new needs. Who would have thought I will reach the point when I wanted to go so far? Or that I will be brave enough to say something I never thought I will say in my entire life? Who could have guessed I would need so much patience in waiting for something I suddenly started wanting? Oh well. Such is life.
What I do appreciate and what I am thankful about is that I’m still here. I still have THEM. I guess for now, that’s all that matters.

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