Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ass Back Home

Ok, just got back from my trip to Bangkok. And yeah, 4 days of pure vacation is what I needed to get back on track.

As I always say, vacations give me a chance to relax, unwind and let loose. I just started to appreciate vacations last year when I went to Cebu and Bohol with two of my childhood friends, followed by Puerto Galera with some friends again then Boracay with Kath and recently, Tokyo-- which was a business trip/test of independence/mini vacation over the weekends and few days ago, Bangkok.

I tried a lot of new stuff and I still can't believe I did it. I will tell you in detail once the pics are ready. Anyway, prior to my vacation, I was kind of torn between staying and going in this what seemed to be a mutual understanding stage between me and my special someone. Yes, again... I am not in  a formal relationship. We just sort of like each other, I guess. Which is good and frustrating at the same time.

Sometimes, I wanna question where I really stand with him but then I am scared to hear the answer. So I plan to just let things be. I was deliberating with myself all 4 days of vacation. No communication with the guy. Just me and my silent moments when I raise all the questions that I feel need some answers. But everytime I ask myself, I always end up with the conclusion that it's out of my control and that if he is for me, he is for me.

I can now stop pressuring myself over this and stop analyzing if I am ready for committment of not. The right time will come and all I should do is enjoy and appreciate every moment I have with this person. If we end up together, it's good because I prayed for it. If not, then better because God knows what is best for me.

Nevertheless, I am more than thankful for having this life to live and a love to give.


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