Thursday, October 18, 2012

Never Settle For Less

Yes, today even if it hurts, I did it. For a change ayoko na mag-pagamit. Ayoko na din mag-tanga-tangahan.
Higit sa lahat, for a change, AKO naman ang importante at hindi ibang tao.

Sino pa ang magmamahal sa akin kung hindi AKO.

And I don't care if this will end everything we had. There was nothing in the first place. God knows my heart. He will give me someone that I deserve. So why should I settle for less? I am single for a reason. That reason is because I deserve so much better than what I give myself credit for.

Hindi naman ako basta babae lang eh. I have an edge compared to other girls. And I am a good person din so I think I deserve a true, honest, committed LOVE. I don't deserve to be an ego-booster.

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