Saturday, December 15, 2012

In Preparation For The Year To Come, 2013

1. Inspire someone
2. Travel alone
3. Cook something difficult
4. Re-discover faith
5. Count everyday's blessings
6. Surf
7. Ride a ferris wheel
8. Finish school. Please.
9. Lessen the nights out. Once every six months only.
10. Blog religiously.
11. Have more patience. Breathe before you react.
12. Try/learn how to "bartend"
13. Check-in an expensive hotel for a night just for the heck of it.
14. Keep in touch with your exes and yes, forgive and forget. Give them closure.
15. Visit the beach and yes, talk to a random good-looking guy. 
16. Learn a long phrase in 9 different languages
17. Try paintball
18. Try helmet diving
19. Find more inspirations to keep going
20. Discover the art of shutting up at least for a day or two
21. Blush on is a must.
22. Do not under estimate your capability of making the right decisions but never the less, do not under estimate your RIGHT of making wrong ones too.
23. Do not smoke. Regardless of the stress you're having.
24. Date yourself every Friday.
25. If someone asks you out, ask him first-- how often do you tell the truth?
26. Give away the slippers you are wearing to a less fortunate person on the street.
27. Do not be afraid to say NO.
28. Work harder and be more agressive at work
29. Keep your eye on the prize and sometimes, the price too.
30. Find time to relax on weekends.
31. Say a prayer everyday.
32. Fly to Thailand again.
33. Do not ask why. Just go with it.

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