Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why Do I Always Attract the Wrong Guys?

Attracting guys isn't always easy... well at least for me. I attract guys. Of course. But problem is I attract the wrong ones. If not a player, a liar. For some reason... I seem to not meet good guys.

All year long, I did entertain the thought of getting in a relationship. Not just a relationship.. but a good one. I met guys who are good looking, has great career but at the end of the day, they are still the wrong ones. One just broke up with his long-time girlfriend when we met and during the course of the courtship, they got back together. second one, just got out of a relationship when we met and was emotionally unavailable. when he finally realized he wanted to go for me, i wasn't interested anymore. next one, doesn't see himself married with kids. definitely a no-no regardless of the chemistry that we have. the other one was too popular with girls, i know i will have problems every now and then. other one, he was almost perfect but he just likes me as a friend. and now... this guy who said he's been single for one year --- actually wasn't. he said he just broke up with his girlfriend last week. and i do not trust that since he had lied to me in the first place.

So.... where are all the good guys? are all of them taken? gay probably? this is not something that i can figure out on my own. all this time, i only wanted a guy who will love me, be faithful to me and be that one person who is worth everything that i am.. every pain i went through in the past. but it seems like this right person is nowhere to be found. i'm sure there is one for me. but what is taking him so long? why do i have to meet all these wrong guys and result to thinking that a lot are jerks. ugh. this is tiring. i don't want to talk about it but...  it was running through my mind all day. i do not know what i am doing wrong... and if i'm not.... then why is it like this? being single is not a curse. but meeting the wrong guys every now and then is.

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