Saturday, April 27, 2013

Off To Tokyo

So, same month like last year, a life-changing event will take place. I am moving away.

I prayed and prayed to every church and temple that I'd be relocated to Tokyo and it is now happening. What's more amazing is that I wouldn't have to move to a new job since my company is giving me this opportunity.

You know that very feeling when you completely get lost in translation for all the fast-moving things going on? I guess I am at that point. SURREAL. Who would have thought that my prayers will be granted? I honestly think that God is giving me way too much. In fact, to deserve all the blessings lately... I am still in awe. I must have done something right. I must have been good. But still, this is too much. Way more than I have expected.

It's like I am coming to realize all the sufferings I have been through. All the pain. And I feel like I have endured those to get to this day when all I can do was be thankful for everything. Life sure is strange. And though I wouldn't be going for the sake of "money" but rather a fulfillment of who I am and what I will become, it's just amazing.

As you know, I was never a money-driven person. I work because I love what I am working on and who I am working for. I work because there is a sense of fulfillment that I am changing someone's life. I work because I know that one day, the hardwork will pay off, in an immeasurable way.

I cannot find the words to say to express my happiness and gratitude for an answered prayer. I just feel so BLESSED.

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