Sunday, May 5, 2013

So, today I received my sister's omiyage for me and my Mom via her friend from work. I was very excited! Well, since she won't be home when I leave for Tokyo, she decided to send me the bag she wanted to give me just so I can already use it in Tokyo. I was very touched but of course, I wasn't really expecting a gift. How I wish she could be here so we can at least bond before we go our separate ways again and manage our own lives. If I am right, the next time I will see her will be next year which will be the longest time we haven't seen each other in our 20+ years of existence. But of course I understand that this is part of growing up. No matter where the opportunities or the world takes us, we will always and forever be a family.

Keychains from Barbados, Argentina and Puerto Rico

Kenneth Cole Purse

Pink Havaianas for Mom
Nine West Purse for Mom

My Havaianas

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