Monday, July 29, 2013

Life In Tokyo

It's been a month since we arrived and it felt like we've been here for ages. We still get that weird feeling when we wake up and still ask ourselves aid we are really here. I guess this is just surreal. 

I personally am in a state of amusement every time I experience something "Japanese". The language doesn't seem to be too much of a barrier as every word they say seem to confirm that I am here, the place where I want to be. Starting my life while living my dream. All of a sudden my life changed. It was drastic but not as scary as I thought. Every time I wake up, I start to believe in miracles all over again like it was the first time.

I got my first iPhone ever, I am free to have sushi everyday. I take the train going to work. Yes, I am in Japan. I am in Tokyo. It feels wonderful. ;) 

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