Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Can I still do this? Is this my limit? I am trying to go through phases and hoping that at the end, I will make it out alive. 

Like a patient in the operating room, I do not know if the process will be successful. I can only hold on to my faith that I ended up in this hospital bed for a reason. To learn, to renew myself and to appreciate once again what life's trials are for. I do not know how this will end. If I will emerge as a better product of pain, sweeter than itself or if I will end up ruined.

Asking God about His plan is all that I have in mind. Telling him to paint me a picture until I see it come to life! I am a waste. Nevertheless, I never stopped believing I have worth. If worth does have its true meaning, I should say.

Life is strange and all I can do is live, hope and pray.

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