Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Update

Lately, I've been asking myself about my life. When I look at what I've done since I came to Japan and well, stopped blogging, life has took a massive turn. For one, I have travelled to different countries: England (Yes! Finally been to London!), Malaysia (KL and Sepang), US (New York), St. Lucia and Australia (Gold Coast and Melbourne). Very special places as I have explored and learned so much about their beauty. 

My life wasn't all about travelling though. I have realized things about myself that I never knew was part of me. I learned to be strong, independent, detached. I learned what I want for a career and the kind of management style I want. I learned that I wanna settledown and have a kid. I learned that money is nothing when you're unhappy. I'm 29 today and my life is starting to make a huge turn. Going back to my home country, will finish my degree and then who knows where I will be next? Marriage seems like a distant dream at the moment. Me and my long-term boyfriend broke up, not because we dont love each other. But because life is taking me to a different path. Will I ever settledown? I do worry about it from time to time. Most of my friends have found a life partner and I haven't. I will soon be attaneding parties where friends will start talking about breastfeeding, teething, solid and liquid food for babies... and there. I will be the one listening, stating at them because I have nothing to say. I have no child or marriage to talk about. I know that this scenario will happen sooner or later. That sooner or later someone will ask me why the hell I'm not married yet. And I have to make up a damn good excuse like too much work, too much fun or too much travelling. 

Maybe one day. I hope I will have a great story to write about. For now, let's keep my intro simple. I'm Anj, 29 and single. 


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