Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Talk To ME

Keri Noble Talk to me Lyrics: There you are again I see you
all the time We haven't really met yet, But you know, I don't mind 'Cuz I
today's the day I'm gonna go right up and say to you Would it be
alright If I
called you up sometime? There you go again I let you get away
At least I've got
more time To think of what I might say (like) "Couldn't we
be good" (or maybe)
"Don't you think that we should find Some quiet little
place where we'd make
love all day?" [ Find more Lyrics on ]
Come and talk to me What are you
waiting for 'Cuz I can see you passing
every day and I'm always wanting more
Come and talk to me What are you gonna
do 'Cuz I can't seem to get the nerve to
get off my own ass And come and
talk to you You know I love the type You look
like you've been up all night
And yet somehow still look beautiful You do it all
at the same time Whenever
you walk by You always look me in the eyes And in that
moment I know the
same thing's on your mind It always seems to be that I let the
good things
pass by Because I let my fear stop me (but not this time)

Signs That You Are Inlove

Signs That You Are Inlove

I was listening to the radio yesterday, my same old favorite station RX 93.1, The Morning Rush segment featuring the Top 10 Signs That You are Inlove. There were a lot of responses pproving that not only one but millions of people are affected by the LOVE BUG.hahahahah.. kidding… But actually, what’s nice about their topic is that it made people think about how crazy they are while inlove. The things that you would do for love and how it affects your whole being. Now that is something. Some of the responses were actually funny but if you come to think of it, they were true. I remember one response saying that one sign that you are inlove is if that person gets so much love while your family and friends gets less love, which is true. If you are inlove with a person, you want all your time to be spent with him. You don’t go out with friends anymore and you just want your day to begin with him and end with him. Another funny but true response is if you are inlove, you delete his number when you fight but still, by the end of the day, you realize that you have memorized his number and can’t wait to call or text him. But the response that I love the most would be about imagining yourself racing with that person—in a wheelchair. I started laughing after I heard that. You know why? I never thought that it meant something deeper, like imagining yourself growing old with the person. It’s about having that mentality that no matter what, you will grow old with that person, enjoy the joy and sorrow of life and by the end of the day, still end up together. It also reminded me of the movie The Wedding Singer starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. Drew was engaged to another guy before she met Adam Sandler. She fell inlove with Adam because of the way both of them do things, even the simplest, littlest things which she was unable to do with her fiancée. My favorite part was when she was fitting her wedding gown with her mother in her room and she was pronouncing her future name after her marriage and she was saying it again and again until she was crying, simply because she was unhappy about it. She then decided to say her name but this time having Adam Sandler’s last name and she ended up laughing. See the difference? Now, in that movie, Adam sang the song “Grow Old With You” in the plane as he proposed to Drew. That song best describes how a person who’s inlove would be thinking.. “I wanna make you smile whenever you’re sad, carry you around when your arthritis is bad coz all I wanna do is grow old with you. I’ll get you medicine when your tummy aches, buld you fire if the furnace breaks, all I wanna do is grow old with you. I’ll kiss you, miss you, give you my coat when you are cold. Need you, feed you, even let you hold the remote control. So let me do the dishes in the kitchen sink, put you to bed when you have too much to drink, I can be the man who grows old with you.. I wanna grow old with you” .

Thursday, March 12, 2009


OMG.. your wedding .. it's gonna be your big day soon... :)
fitting tux
and checking on guestlists..
I saw my uncle that way..hahaha

5:32am He said
i don't really know if that is going to happen for real

oh c'mon..why not? :) be positive..besides, you love Kthryn right? :)
cheer up!

5:33am He said
I don't know .
Things are "different" now

buddy.. that's bad.. :(
it's a wedding.. you should be MORE THAN JUST EXCITED. :)

5:34am He said
yea.. kind of, so I think no wedding this year

5:34am 5:35amAngela
OMG.. :( i thought I'll see you in tux.. :(

5:36am He said
I will be in a tux in July for one of my friends bday, so I'll have to make sure you get a pic of me from that wedding. but as for me.. no tux for a little while
that is unless you propose to me buddy :) than it will be POWERFUL!

hahahahahah...since when did I become the guy??hahahaha..that would definitely be powerful..hahaha
guess what.. :)

5:37am He said

there's an online application for passports here in the Phils.
I can get mine soon.. I just have to pay 1300 Php

5:37am He said
well tha't s good.

yep.. really..

5:38am He said
that's cheap

so I just have to prepare 30k for my fare.. ( just 2 months salary) and get a credit card
that's not cheap here..hahhaha

5:38am He said
credit card OMG

you have to be rich to go to your country.. ( that's for us Filipinos)
you don't use cash there right?

5:39am He said
yea we do

really? but ofcourse, the rates would be different depending on the money changer..

5:40am He said
but we also use credit cards to pay for things, but cash is accepted everywhere
yes, it's around 45 of your money to one of our money

oh..I see. ( very ignorant)

5:40am He said
No, u just don't know. But it is easy to understand though
we have more folding money than coin

hahaha..exactly..hahhaa..we have tons of coins here though

5:42am He said
yea.. I know

hahahahahha...oh yeah u do..hahhaha
don't u have coins there?

5:43am He said
yea.. but not that many

5:43amAngela shopping for me for a couple of months..hahahha
they wanted me to take LOA when I go there
they really want me out for a long time

5:44am He said
oh I c

and the rest is for us to know..This is how our conversation went this morning..


Someday, I will wake up finding myself smiling…thinking that I’ve gone over a tremendous experience… Loving, hurting, letting go and finally moving on. Few days before, I was a blank sheet of this one before I wrote this message…and all of a sudden..things had been poured out on this message filling this page up…with or without sense to you..but this means a lot to me.

I met my Prince in October, here in the Philippines. We had been together since then until now, actually. He left because his castle is built somewhere else and he can’t build a castle here in the Philippines since this country is too small for castles. I thought he would never write back. I was a Princess waiting in vain for my Prince’s return. I received letters everyday, about almost 200 letters since he left which I can’t throw away til this moment because it is full of memories-assurance, love, strength, hope. Those were letters that make me hold on, despite the fact that I now know, my Prince already had a Princess in his homeland, before he even visited my Kingdom. When I learned about it, my world was shattered. I wanted to die..but if I do, will I ever know how this will end? I am not a fan of tragic endings like Romeo and Juliet had. But I do believe in happy endings. I wish I can write this story, the way I wanted to. Write the most beautiful ending that no one had ever thought of having. I wanted a story where I would end up with a smile until the last of my days. A scene where I’d grow old and gray with my Prince and have healthy Princes and Princesses. But of course, that’s something that would forever be part of my imagination because right now, I am in tears. Thinking about what could have been if I met him first. What could have been if I am living in his world. What could have been if we never met. All these things are in my mind right now. All I wanted to do was have a break, get out and move on. Travel if I may. Meet people if I could. Learn, learn and learn. I wanted to know things, things that would never leave me til my last of days. Things that would divert my attention so I can’t just think of how happy they would be while I haven’t moved on yet. It was something that might make me numb but who would care anyway. I can’t just end it with me being the loser. I have to live. I have to live for the people around me. My parents, my siblings, friends..I am no Little Mermaid, who would kill herself in the sea because her Prince got married. I wanted to be happy as well, same thing that he will be, probably after he has accepted the fact that if we’re meant to be, it will happen. It wouldn’t hurt to try to part ways, like how it happened in “ The Notebook” or “Memoirs of a Geisha” or “ Benjamin Buttons” or “ Serendipity”. But you know what, deep inside, I am not expecting an “Us” again in the end. Maybe, my own Prince instead. The right one for me. The one who would give me the happiest ending…

let go

The world isn’t fair… You meet someone but has to let him go… not because you wanted to, but because you have to. One thing I learned from this experience is that you can never have everything that you wanted or maybe needed. I have loved him so much that it hurts to say “ goodbye” I can’t even bear to read it from this blog right now. But I know, whether it be over now or never, it has to end soon… I don’t want to just wait here and tell myself “ Oh, probably he’ll come by soon.. “ or maybe, “I might be there soon to see you.. “ which would be more than painful..really unbearable. He is getting married. What is the point of asking me when I’ll be there? What is the point of answering my question with an “ it’s a complicated question” instead of just a Yes or No if you are really getting married? And what is the point of us reminiscing everything we did when in fact you’ll be married to someone else, have kids and grow old with her? What’s the point of telling me that you don’t want my last name to change when hers will and she’ll be taking your last name soon? God, I hate this… what’s the point of having an “Us” until this very moment when after all, it’s just gonna be you….all about you…. Please.. let me go now.. say it because I can’t. Tell me that it’s over because I don’t think I can say it. I might wait forever if you don’t tell me to go… L

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Confessions Of A Shopaholic

Confessions of a Shopaholic: A Review

I have just finished reading Sophie Kinsella’s books: Confessions of a Shopaholic, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan and Shopaholic Ties the Knot. I was so amazed with how the story was written. I admit, at first, I was kinda bored with her job, a financial journalist attending conferences and all that, knowing she wasn’t even interested in the discussion ( but she’s interested in champagne, though ) and her never ending bills which she never wanted to read and in fact she kept on praying that they would all disappear one day….. Oh God. You would definitely think that Rebecca “Becky” Bloomwood is a crazy girl. But as the story goes, it became more exciting especially when Luke Brandon of Brandon Communications came around. I never thought that by the end of the first book, Luke would admit that he’s attracted to Becky. Hahaha! Luke was very different from Becky. He was straight forward, smart, workaholic, ambitious while Becky on the other hand was easy-go-lucky, in debt and very unhappy with her job. Upon reading the second book, those differences had caused some problems with their relationship leading to a break up because they don’t match in priorities. But eventually, they got back together. On the third book, they got married which is actually the best part. Planning the wedding was the most exciting part because of the stuff that was given to her, the dresses, the cakes which she can taste-test to see which she would like and also the Sleeping Beauty theme for the wedding. What I really like about the book is that by the end of the day, she gets everything sorted out and Luke on the other hand still loves her. I am definitely looking forward to reading othes Sophie Kinsella novels. Really awesome!! J

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I was listening to the radio just this morning ( 03/03/09 ) and I was tuned in to RX 93.1. I was so fond of Chico and Dela Mar and their crazy top 10’s. Topic was about what if your crush asks you if you have a crush on him or her? ( “ May crush ka ba sa’ken? “ according to Dela Mar ) and there were a lot of funny and crazy answers such as

Dela Mar: May crush ka ba sa’ken?
Chico: Wag mong baliktarin ang sitwasyon!

(Ok..That might not be the exact phrase but sounds like it! )

And I just remembered one instance, way back in Grade 6.. hahahaha..some crazy elementary stuff. I had this huge crush with Eddel Ecleo ( Gosh! I still remember the name!! ) And all my classmates know about it. They always tease me about him and then one time he joked and asked me if I have a crush on him. I was so shy and I tried hard to prove that I really don’t. The crazy thing is that I really do.haha. Now one time, there was this guy who is kinda acting sweet towards me. Now, jokingly, I asked if he has a crush on me. He didn’t reply. I find it really funny. And you know being in both situations would be a laughing matter, really. I don’t know but honestly speaking, when I was young, I used to be so affected by the crush thingy. But as I grow older, it became more of just a joke o me. First, I realized that even though he has a crush on you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s gonna court you. Second, even if he has a crush on you, it doesn’t mean that he would never have any turn offs on you. And lastly, even if he has a crush on you, it doesn’t mean that you have to have a crush on him, too. Having crushes right now would be more of having an inspiration to look good and feel good. It’s a way of telling yourself that you have the eye for beauty, beauty of that person that is, depending on how you define beauty yourself. Having crushes is knowing that you are liking a person’s quality and it is very flattering to be someone’s crush. I admit. I am guilty. I have tons of crushes: Actors, Actresses, Models, Photographers, Singers, Officemates ( duh, who told you you can only have one crush in the office? There are a lot of nice and smart people in MY WORLD!!! English Speaking plus American Accent! ) Old Friends ( Some guys that I have known since birth. Classmates/friends since I was still nerdy..hahaha ) . What’s common among my crushes? Hmm.. I think they are all friendly. I like confident people. I like people who knows how to talk and knows what they’re talking about. Also, most of them are good at areas that I am poor at: Specifically, photography, math, sports, modeling, etc. And at some point, if the person beats me at something I am good at, I definitely would develop some sort of crush towards that person. But of course, it’s a different issue when it comes to picking a boyfriend. It’s not the same as having crushes! Well, what I’m really trying to say is that it’s really ok to have crushes..a lot of them, I may say. It’s natural. It’s within every boy and girl. And I think if you don’t have any ain’t normal. ( I’m not bitching around. I am serious about this ).