Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Got Promoted!!!!!!!

I feel so blessed right now. Things just seem to fall into place without me realizing it. I thought that my life lately was in a mess. A lot of things happened that demotivated me and I thought I could never bounce back to how I was doing before. I’ve been attending mass and been praying more intently than before and I was quiet at home and I rant when I’m with Mark expressing all my disappointments. It was really stressful and I came to a point when I wanted to just quit my job and rest for a while. I realized that it’s just so hard to work. You work your ass out everyday for the same thing and damn, you keep on failing! I was way out of control with the things that had been happening and I tend to panic when that happens. I felt low.

But my prayers were answered when there came an opening for a position in the office. I wasn’t really interested until a teammate of mine told me to submit my application and give it a try. He said that it might be my “calling” since I have always asked for a different line of job since last year and my teammates know that. So taking that advice, I submitted my application. I went through a lot before it was finally submitted ( that A LOT really means A LOT and I’m not exaggerating, ok? ). I wasn’t even prepared for my initial interview because I got the information that I’m scheduled for an interview like 10 minutes before my sched. But nevertheless, I gave it my best shot. I was nervous but I know it’s a make or break situation wherein a lot was at stake and I never want to lose all my chances. Out of the many applicants vying for the same position, I made it to the top 3 in my site and part of the 6 that will be interviewed for the final assessment. Well, that’s what we thought because basically, it wasn’t an interview at all. It was a Power Point Presentation wherein we would have to discuss one topic and from there, the panel would determine who is qualified for the job.

I was lucky having graduated from a public school and being part of the student council for 3 years in high school. I don’t get shy anymore with presentations infront of anyone. I can’t say that it was my forte, it was just an advantage. I discussed the topic they wanted which I only had the chance to do a research on for 3 days only. I was prepared for the questions but open to corrections as well. I was determined to make it. Not because I just want a promotion. I was looking for a career path and I don’t want to jump to another company just because I don’t have a career here.

The presentation was nerve wrecking because you see foreign and Filipino bosses listening to you, questioning what you are discussing and expressing there opinion about what you say. But I just kept in mind that this is MY CLASS. I AM THE ONE TEACHING so I SHOULD STAY IN CONTROL because if I FREAK OUT, I LOSE IT ALL. And so far, after the interview, they gave immediate feedback that I was good in public speaking and I don’t stutter and I wasn’t nervous at all. Ofcourse I was nervous but I managed to laugh with them during the feedback session because I was happy that it’s over and if I don’t get it, at least I know I gave my best.

I was waiting for the “judgment” day and of course, I felt that I made it and I’ve never been so sure in my applications as this. Then more and more people start to congratulate me. Bosses texting me or visiting me in my station and telling me that they are happy for me and that I did well. And now, I’m just counting the days before I formally start in the new position. I am promoted. My hardwork finally was paid off!!! I feel so happy that at my age, 21, an undergrad, got promoted despite all the challenges that I had to face and deal with in the past few months. I felt motivated again. I felt that everything that I believed in proves to be true. I am not a failure at all. I have a direction in life. I have good values and I will always find my way out no matter what ( ofcourse with the help of all the people who supported me, taught me how to be good at my job and also for the inspiration given to me which helped me make it. ) I am so thankful for the blessings. God really has His way to show me what I was made for. I have a purpose in life. This must be the start of it.

Special Thanks to Mark Medina, Chris Nullar, Diandra Ancheta, Chris Alonte, Armin Faraon, Chi Santos, Maria Espaldon and Joms Estrada for the help and encouragement. ( Oscar Awards?hehehehehe )

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pink Chucks and Black Shirts

Honey gave me pink chucks ( the newest slim type from Converse ). It's super comfy and I promise, it's worth the price. It was his "promotion" gift to me. He gave it the following day after our 11th month. He has the same shoes in black. Not only that, we have nice couple shirts as well.Luv!Luv! xoxo

Me and My Pink Nails

I just love PINK NAILS!!!!!!!! :-D

Friday, April 16, 2010


I always feel bad when I know that someone's playing favorites everywhere like at home, at work, in school, in the family... I just feel that it's so unfair. I just question it everytime... like what's wrong with me? why don't you favor me? And I just hate having that feeling that I am not getting the right attention as well. I admit that fact. That's why I'm always trying hard. It's not an easy thing because you are pressured to be the best and beat anyone and everyone just so you could get what you want. I was thinking about this on my home earlier today. I began thinking about what I don't have and it sucks to realize those things. Some of them gave me a pang of pain because I realized that those are far from what I can achieve but nevertheless, if I achieve wouldn't be ME anymore. I realized that I am not the type who would be plastic and say "you look good today" when in fact, you suck in your bohemian skirt because you're too short for that kind of fashion. I wouldn't say I'll take the job just to please you so you think I like taking responsibilities when in fact, if it was your job, you should do it and I should only be doing mine. I wouldn't be the type who would just agree on things because I have my own opinion and mind and if I disagree with what you're saying, I wouldn't give a damn to change what you have in mind, but I won't give up my opinion as well because we're all entitled with our own opinions.

I realized that I'm not the type who would force you to like me and change my entire being like pretend I'm rich and I know all those expensive brands and hobbies just so I can fit in. Realizing those made me feel that I'm really far from the typical teacher's pet or the typical favorite of the boss. And if in case I learn how to play those typical attitudes, that wouldn't be me at all.

One thing that I also realized is that one of my teachers told me before that if you don't have a favorite, you're not human-which proves to be true. Basically because I have a favorite movie, a favorite song, a favorite website, a favorite teacher and a favorite friend. I can never claim to be an EQUAL type of person because I wasn't born to be perfect, I can NEVER be perfect and I don't make the right decisions always.

I just admire the fact that regardless if I wasn't a favorite from the places that I go to, it is an honor to be God's favorite. I realized that God did His best to make me feel like I'm His first priority by giving me the best things that I could ever have. He took away Dad but He gave me a loving Step-dad, He gave me Strength to face life's challenges and he gave me the Wisdom to see through the situations. He gave me Pride so I can face anyone and everyone despite of all my failures. He gave me Trust so that I would be able to give it to people who loves me. He gave me Faith so that I will continue to believe and He gave me Love so I can share it with everyone, in my own simple way.

Each of us are God's favorite and if we feel that some things are unfair for us, we should hold on to what He gave us. We might not be a favorite in this imperfect world but we can at least say that by the end of the day, we can run home to God who would make us feel important: a FAVORITE.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Final Round....

I am so overwhelmed with what happened last week. I was preparing for my finals in Marketing and I was so much in a rush..... Then I had an interview schedule for my application as a Quality Analyst in another department. Come Wednesday, I had the interview around 7:30pm.. I wasn't aware that it's gonna be that early and I wasn't that much prepared although mentally, I've been starting to ask questions to myself which the interviewer might ask few days before that. I was nervous but I gave my best shot. Good thing is that out of the 16 applicants from my account, I was one of the best three who passed and is scheduled for a final interview this coming Monday..... I am very happy with the fact that I am part of the final round... An I am going to give my best shot. The process is that I will be presenting something infront of a panel. So ofcourse, it's gonna be like highschool days when I needed to make reports and discuss it to the best of my knowledge infront of the class... I know that this is not going to be as easy as I wanted it to be but I am not in the mood to give up right now because a lot of things are at stake. I just hope that I get this promotion. I've been wanting to get it a long time now... I hope that dad is proud of me... :-)