Friday, May 28, 2010

I feel a hollow in my heart....

I've been feeling different lately... I don't know what exactly is wrong but I feel so different... :-(

Maybe it's because I'm about to leave an industry that I've enjoyed for 3 years. The reason is because I'm tired. Stressed. Practical. I'm tired because for those 3 years, I've been taking calls, managing accounts of customers and discussing money matters when I'm not good in my own financial management, to be quite honest, although, I'm not as bad as some of them are. I'm stressed because of the office politics, the martial law and too much bombardment of info, processes and rules... I'm being practical in a sense that I have accepted the fact already that the industry that I've joined is not for long term because I will be having a family soon, I need a normal life: work during the day and be with my family by night.

I am very thankful to the Call Center Industry because it helped me build my self confidence, it helped become professional and a fast learner. It helped me send my sister to College until she graduated and it also helped me enroll and go back to College and start aiming for a degree in Management. It is not eaasy to say goodbye... no.. it was never easy. But each time a door closes, I believe that another door opens for me. I want to broaden my horizon...explore other jobs and enhance my talent. I believe that there's a lot to learn and at my age, 22, opportunities are plenty... I love everyething that I have learneed and will keep them for the rest of my life. It has been a pleasure being part of the industry. Thank you..... :-)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Batangas Getaway!!!!

These are the pix from my reunion with a good friend, Nico Deus Villafranca. He was top 6 from the ME Board Exams this year and I'm so proud of him!!! Janella, Kath, Marky, Nico and I have been friends since elementary and it was really nice having to celebrate occasions like this together. We went to Nasugbu, Batangas and stayed overnight in his house along with his College friends from Mapua. Had few drinks, videoke and swimming. The exciting part was we had the chance to discuss matters which we haven't talked about in years through truth or dare. Nico will be working in Cebu for two years since the company that sponsored his scholarship is based in Cebu. We will miss him and ofcourse, we all promised to keep the friendship wherever we go. Good Luck Nico on your new journey as an employee and Congratulations on being one of the best in your Board Exams!!!! :-)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary Honey!!!

It was our first year anniversary yesterday. Honey had planned an activity which was not the usual celebration that you have. I was very excited about his plan. He wanted to go somewhere we haven't gone to, have lunch, write a letter for each other and then go to church.

We decided to go to Bonifacio High Street ( I haven't been there yet so yesterday was the first time! ). Upon parking the car, he started checking on my gift for him. I got him a nice polo shirt which I was nervous about because the size might be wrong but good thing it wasn't. Then he handed me his greeting card which says " Happy Anniversary to my Girlfriend" and I was pretty shocked to see the card and read the message. Then, he handed me a little brown bag, it was so small really so I find it cute then he made me open it and I saw a necklace with a heart pendant. But that wasn't the best part. The best part was when he told me to check on another gift inside the little bag. There, I saw a key.

He told me that it was a key to his apartment and told me I can have that duplicate because I am welcome anytime. I felt really happy because normally, guys wouldn't want their girlfriends having keys to their apartments because later on, they might be checking on their boyfriends' stuff and all. But he gave me the key, and that said it all.

That's not the only cheesy stuff because after we ate a lot @ Mary Grace's, we went to fully booked and got 2 pens and a stationery. We headed to Starbucks in the bookstore and he got a frap ( the same one he ordered for me when we went out the first time ) and a cinnamon swirl then we started writing letters for each other. It was hard to concentrate. We weren't talking to each other because we wanted to be serious with our letter. After both of us were done, we read each others letter and I was teary-eyed but I don't want to cry because we were in a public place. His letter was very touching because he told me things that he doesn't usually say. I was pretty surprised that our letters are composed of the same emotions, proving that we are definitely on the same page. :'-)

After that, we went to church and damn... I was so sleepy because of lack of sleep. :-( But anyway, the day ended well. Before i got off the car, I greeted him a Happy Anniversary again and thanked him for the great day. :-D

Happy Mother's Day

A letter for Mom:


First, I wanna say sorry for all the headaches I've given you. I know that I am stubborn at times and I always want to prove myself to you. But nevertheless, you always understand. I feel so guilty when I do wrong because when I come home to you, you never reject me or disown me. Instead, you always accept me with open arms and give me never ending 2nd chances.

Thanks for being both a Mom and Dad to me and Gladys. It really was hard for the three of us to live after Dad left us but you were able to manage keeping the three of us together despite the challenges. Thank you for the sacrifices you made for us. The people you had to deal with, the extended work hours, the long travel you took just to see us... It was all worth it Ma. We have grown to be good people. We have learned our responsibilities and we have learned the value of hardwork. Thanks for the way you brought us up. I am proud that you are my Mom. There would be a lot of things to say but nothing beats us spending everyday together at home which would give you the feeling of how thankful we are that you are here. We might be busy all the time with our lives but we never forget you because you are the reason why we love to come home everyday. I love you Ma. Happy Mother's day!