Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Wisest Decisions This 2010

The year is almost ending again and as usual, I look back on how good (or bad) my year was and from there, I change myself which is a good thing because I strive for improvement--yearly. So, here's a list of my wisest decisions this 2010:

1. Applying for a Promotion. One of the biggest move I ever made in my life. I have always been scared of rejections. I do my best at work. Applying for a promotion is one of the biggest move I ever made since it conquered my fear to be rejected at the same time, it made strive harder to be better in my job and prove to myself that I am more than what people has expected of me.

2. Moving Out of my Comfort Zone. I left the industry that I've been part of for 3 years and 7 months. A big move as well. There's no other job that I have known other than being in a Call Center and moving out of that kind of job is one thing that challenged my ability to be flexible. I can do anything. Now, I'm part of a recruitment firm, still learning but nevertheless, I know I can be good at it too.

3. Catching Up with Old Friends/Classmates. I have always been an introvert. I don't go out, I don't like being with more than 1 person and of course, I also feared that people who had known me before would brag about how good their life was while I'm still striving to make it big. But hey, meeting old friends isn't as bad as I thought. I felt more relaxed. More me. The people that I met during elementary and high school are the people that contributed to what I am now. If they gave me pain before, it made me stronger now. If they were able to beat me in class, that made me strive harder in this life. Most of all, the friends that I had ever since are the reason why I don't care if I don't have new friends... because I know, these friends of mine are right behind me all the time.

4. Making New Friends. I'm not the friendly type of person. Not that I bitchy or something but again, I just don't want to be rejected. Now, I've made the decision to at least try. I know I can't please everybody but I can at least be at good terms with them. Thanks to my new friends, Grace, Chee, El, Burg and RC. You're the best guys!!!

5. Saving and Investing for my future. I have always been spending too much on nonsense things. Buying things I don't need and eating at restos which are costly. BIG WASTE OF MONEY! When I resigned, I realized how important it is to have money. That is the main reason why people work. Now, my BIGGEST DECISION is investing in the Stock Market while saving cash in the bank. Yes, I still have my passbook account at BDO plus, I have my Stocks at SM and RCBC(which I'm thinking of letting go soon. I want to invest as early as now so by the time I reach the age of 40, I can have an early retirement.

6. Going out with my Sister. My sister and I goes out to the mall but recently, we did something different. We went to Republiq with my girl friends. It was good. She had fun, so did I. She's about to leave and work for a cruiseline so I'm glad we had that kind of bonding before she leaves. More parties to come for us sis!!!! :-)

7. Patching Things Up with Mom. It wasn't easy to listen because I always wanted to prove myself to my Mom. She is very good at what she's doing, being a Mom and a Woman and that challenges me. I wanted to be better. But then, I realized, NOBODY CAN EQUAL HER. She's the Best Mom ever. I can't say how, all I know is that she just knows what to do with me when I don't know what to do with myself.

8. Keeping My Relationship Strong. I was afraid of commitment. I don't like being tied to someone or something. I want to do a lot of things. But a Big Move would be staying with him... Yes, it has always been hard because I have accepted the fact that it all ends one day. You stop loving. You stop believing. You stop hurting and crying. Then you start searching and being whole again. But now, I have decided to stay, forgive, move on.... a lot of things that I never thought I would learn... No, not in this lifetime. But I'm happy I decided to keep my relationship strong. I can say it's worth it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


OK. I've had enough. Come on. Stop acting like you don't know. Stop taking pictures the way I do. Stop doing things that I do. Have a life of your own. Please. I'm not supposed to be bothered but I feel that you're doing it on purpose. Whatever your purpose is, I don't care. JUST STOP.

I am so pissed today after finding out that she really tries hard to do things that I do. Man, that sure is B.S. She is challenging me. She wants to show me she can do better ALWAYS. What's the point of stepping at someone who's already on the ground??? I hope it makes her happy that finally, she pisses me off by doing those things. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................ Lord, give me patience and wisdom to understand why this is happening.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Office

I'm so bored right now so I decided to think about things happening in my life. The things that happened to me are mostly out of my control but hey, I don't blame myself for anything nor do I blame other people. I'm just happy right now that all those things happened which made me realize where God wants me to be.

After the Call Center job, I wasn't sure of what I wanted in life. I want this and that but really, I just want a fulfilling career. I want to find a job that fits who I am... something that would continue to capture my interest no matter what. I hate being limited to a specific task because I think, limits should not be set for employees so everyone gets to know more of what he or she is capable of. I applied at different jobs and spent a month being jobless and lost.

Now, I'm in the new office. Working at my desk. I'm with Optia Partners International. It was a surprise as this company's industry is basically for Recruitment and Staffing which was my main target ever since and that goal led me to taking up Management ( I wanted Psychology but it wasn't possible for home study programs so I took the next closest course ). I did not understand what I was appying for, really. But I told the interviewers which are now my bosses here that I am willing to do any job. They gave me a shot. Not that I am confident that I can but because I want a new line of job and I was directed to this company for a reason that only God knows.

Now, I'm here already for a month and I can say that while adjustments are being made on my end, I feel that I am happy with this job. I have a feeling that I am going to last years here even if it takes harsh words or difficulties in the job, I'm not giving up. I want this. I need this. I've already made good friends with most of my new officemates, I've got a good schedule and the pay is also good for a day job. This is way more than I have expected. I am thankful that God helped me find this. Whatever His reasons are, I thank Him for this opportunity.

Monday, September 6, 2010


OK. This is my blog and I just wish that nobdy's gonna f*** up with what I will be posting. Reasong being is that if I say this plan to someone, that someone might think that I am just one hella young girl making plans without a single thought on how I would do it. So, here it goes...

I have a plan. A very big plan. Not just a plan for myself but a plan for OUR lives ( me and my family and my future husband and kids ). First, I want to have Php 50,000 in my bank account. As soon as that happens, I will franchise a siomai house and place it in Fast Bites near the Call Centers. Then, I will buy stocks and just let my money grow. I will save and save and save money!!!!!

Haaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.................. just so you know, I AM MRE THAN JUST DETERMINED TO DO IT. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What a Surprise

I dropped by Honey's place last night after work. We were cuddling and chatting and then suddenly, he told me that he's gonna show me something that I might be surprised to see ( I asked him if I would be annoyed of what I'll be seeing before I allowed hum to show it to me ). And so he showed me a message in Facebook from his ex, Nikki. She was apologizing for what she did and was offering her friendship. I replied:

"I read the message you sent to Mark. To be honest with you, I wasn't surprised. I felt the same way few months back, I wanted to text you and at least clear things up. I wasn't a rude or bitchy girl for real, like the one you have encountered last year. I just don't like the way you spoke to Mark and the way you were making things work out for you regardless of other people around him being affected. I'm also sorry for acting that way. Now as for you and Mark, I can't say that both of you can already be friends just like before but at least I can say that Mark and I have already moved on with our lives and totally forgot what happened between the three of us. We are already very happy with what we have and we hope that you are experiencing the same happiness with Jon. We( I mean Mark or I ) can't offer the same friendship that you are offering but let me just say that we are not keeping any grudges towards you as well. Let's all just move on with our lives and just let things happen as they are planned by God. Who knows, there might be a good chance in the future to have that "friendship" so let's just allow God to help us find our way towards that."

She replied this morning:

Thanks Anj, apology accepted. It would also be nice, though, to hear from Mark as well. As for the friendship thing, no worries...i totally respect your wishes. As long as there are no ill feelings towards anybody, then all is good. That is, after all, what we truly hope to attain from this.Yes, indeed I am very happy with Jon as well. With our marriage and baby soon to come, there's nothing else more we could hope for.ü

With that said, may we all move forward hereon and live our blessed lives with the peace this has granted everyone. God bless.

cc: Mark Medina

Oh well, I'm not mad at her I was just annoyed of her attitude which is utterly different. Anyway, and so... as she said, she's having a baby. Fine. For the baby, I'm willing to forget how annoying she is. Promise. No hard feelings. Anyway, I'm happy right now with Mark and that's gonna be nothing compared to all the love and blessings that I've been getting. It was a surprise, really. A good surprise that finally, someone realized how she had wronged other people and had the courage to even apologize. I just hope that she learned a lot from the experience.