Monday, January 24, 2011


I need a vacation. I miss the beach. I miss the white sand. I miss the sun. I miss the fruitshake. I miss you BORACAY.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fashion and Luxury

My first week in the new industry is done. Honestly, the first week is really tough. Many adjustments had to be made. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I wanted to be good at my job and during the first 3 days of not being successful in doing something useful, finally, last Friday, I felt like the hardwork was paid off!! I know it's still early to say that I have succeeded in the new industry that I'm working on but hey, I am giving my best and doing what I can. I know in the end IT'S GONNA BE WORTH IT. And I'll just look back on these trials and laugh at it. I am praying so hard for wisdom and guidance. I know, God won't let me down.


Monday, January 10, 2011


Today, I woke up finding myself thinking again. Not so unusual for me since I always wonder about things. But one thing that I am thinking about now is the distance that I'm feeling from him. I don't know... I might just be imagining things or I may not. Nothing's for sure. All I know is I can't understand what's going on and no website or book can explain it to me. I am praying for a sign on what I should do. This is yet, another challenge I should face and overcome.

Looking back on the relationship, we've always been good and strong for each other. I know we wanted to give our best and make it work. We want to make each other happy. That was during the first year. But challenges came after that. We had to struggle on a lot of things. Our differences, our opinions, family, needs and wants.. all of those suddenly rose to the surface and we can't seem to organize things. We're trying, really. I can see that. Maybe, just maybe, I'm more vocal than him and I tell him what I want to happen and he doesn't which makes me feel that I'm the only one working on it.

I asked him last night if we can plan a vacation to try to get to know each other again because I feel that we've been very busy about work and all we talk about is work or if not, the office or our officemates which makes no sense at all because we don't talk about us and when I start to ask him, he doesn't answer or he's not straight forward and acts as if I was joking. I don't want to wake up one morning and realize that the man I'm with is already a stranger to me and I really feel I need to do something to have time for us away from work or the city. But then, he said not so soon which made me think if I'm the only one seeing what's going on or what has changed. Am I too sensitive? Or am I just scared?

It's so hard to tell. I'm new at this. If only I have a way to know what's been running in his mind or if there's a way that we can both get the assurance that we're ok. I don't know. I might be telling the same story as what I have written about 2 years ago...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Family vs Boyfriend

This had been an issue for a long time already. Have you ever read Romeo and Juliet ( Which I'm sure you're already aware about )? Anyway, you are correct. It's almost like it. Not because our families are mortal enemies but basically because my Mom wants someone she thinks would be better than who I'm with now. She expects a lot from the choices I make and she believes I have the ability to get better things in life and even a man way better than my Dad. Unfortunately, to her dismay, I am the type of girl who doesn't like high expectations in this life because I have failed many times and I know that I can't have the best in everything and I'm happy about it because I know, it's God's way to keep on the ground and understand that He is the only one who can give the best for me.

My Mom and my boyfriend has this ego. Nobody wants to give way and back down. It's their nature. I on the other hand, had to take all that they have to say. I'm standing between two mountains that are banging against each other and I feel like a battered woman already. But I'm not complaining and I'm trying to stay in between as much as I can. Sometimes I wish I'd just die so it'll all end between them and I wouldn't have to make a choice as well because honestly, I don't want either of them to go. Call me masochistic for I enjoy the pain of love because that's when I realize it's value. I wouldn't cry for something that doesn't mean anything to me.

It's just sad that sometimes, complete happiness is hard to find. There's pain and sacrifice to make it work. Who's willing to do that for me?

Gadgets That I'm Eyeing On This 2011

Gadgets are not really a favorite of mine. I just want things plain and simple although I'm not denying the fact that gadgets make life easier. However, due to the many gadgets that are being released in the market, I suddenly became curious and I'm eyeing on buying one for myself.

Gotta save up for those babies!!! :-)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Close to COOL

What could be the coolest thing ever? For a working girl like me, nothing can be cooler than shopping and pampering myself on payday. I thought that would be it. But, I received the COOLEST news ever in my career. I WILL BE WORKING WITH STYLIST JODI SAM and INTERNATIONAL FASHION MODEL MARCO SULIMA!!! OK. I'm overwhelmed. But of course, I am going to miss the Medical Devices Industry that I've been with for a month or so and also the cool Consultants that I have worked with. At the same time, I am excited with the new challenge that's coming my way. I will be working for the Fashion and Luxury team. Yes, FASHION. OMG. That's my obsession ever since I was a little girl. I sooo love it that I decided to try modeling way back when and now, I'm working on my photography skills using a point and shoot camera that's more upgraded than usual.

The world is full of surprises! I am so excited and nervous because they are Pro's when it comes to fashion but nevertheless, Marco said that he and Jodi will teach me a lot of stuff about it. WOW 1 million times!!!!! hahahahahaha.

I hope I make it good. :-) Wish me luck people!!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcoming 2011

This is my first post for the year 2011. I guess it has been a tradition to make a New Year's Resolution every year. But before I proceed to mine, I want to look back on the New year's Resolution I had last year and see what went well.

1. Less Idle: 0.5%, less Wrap: 5%, Sign-On of 90.00% and Gallup of Perfect 7.
-Met. But I had to resign.

2. More time for self-pampering: Massage, foot spa, etc.
-Got my hair rebonded plus I spent time with friends. :-)

3. Keep my diet: Half rice lots of water and a glass of milk plus wheat bread.
-oopppsss.... epic fail. :-(

4. Schedule a night out with friends.
-done. went to Republiq.

5. Save money. I already have a personal savings with BDO now.
-invested in the stock market. just a small amount but again, it's still an investment. :-)

6. Go back to school and finish College.
-enrolled at AIDE last March. :-)

7. Have a lot of patience as well as improvement on being discreet with feelings.
-ooppppsssss... a little work on this.

8. Nevermind the PIG in the house. She's not worth it. ( SHE'S AN ASSHOLE!.. sorry! )
-can't remember who this A.H. was.

9. Go to work everyday on the expected time that I'm supposed to be at work.
-always. forever. :-D

10. No OVERBREAKS, LATES and EXCESSIVE log-outs like before.
-always. for life. :-D

11. Stay in my relationship with Mark. It maybe tough but I know for a fact that it's worth it.
-done. :-D

12. Talk to God more often.
- yes, definitely. :-D

.............. And now, this 2011, I guess I wanted to keep it simple.

1. More Faith
2. More Wisdom
3. More Understanding
4. More Patience
5. Peace.

I know that 2010 had been a challenging year, asking me for more than what I can offer. But it made me improve and made me a stronger person than what I was. I believe that I'm ready for 2011. :-)