Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Poem For Life

It’s a mystery how one can be so lonely yet show so much happiness.
How one can give support but is needing support as well.
How one can mend broken hearts but still and always will be broken.
It’s a mystery how one can love and not ask anything in return.

How you define yourself would be the same as how others will define you.
Selfless. Would you be defined as one? Or maybe a loser for always giving?
Or maybe naïve for believing that after all the good you have done, you will be rewarded with true happiness?
And if you do not give? Would you be defined as selfish? Or would it be more of strong and willing? Powerful in every sense of the word?

And yes, maybe nobody can understand. Nobody holds the key to the true definition of being human.
All the faults, the wrong decisions, the failures… or it could be all the love, successes, perfect timing on things.
And life is but a question. I wonder will I ever get the answer?

Take The Lead

Lord, tonight is just one of those nights when I don't want to talk to anybody because I know nobody will understand. This is just one of those nights when I feel like letting go of everything and just leave it all to you. I have no control over my life or my destiny. As promised, I will live according to Your divine plan. It hurts a bit. Inside, I have more questions and I don't know where to start. The pain of losing is what I am dreading the most. For I know, I have given more than what I should. Or maybe that was my mistake. But I do not regret it for I know now what my mistake was.

Lord, I wanted to understand so much. But right now, I have no means to accomplish it. But I do trust that, in the perfect time, I will.

Lord, give me more strength. More Faith in You. Give me the Patience to wait... Wait for the Right One. The One You have created just for me. For I do not want to love and lose. Not this time. I surrender my heart to You, Lord. I trust You with everything that I am and I will be. Take the lead in my life and I will follow.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Konayuki by Remioromen ( English Translation )

The season in which the powdered snow dances always passes by
Even if I’m lost in a crowd, I can see the same sky
Even though I’m chilled as if I’m being blown by the wind
I don’t know anything about you, do I?
And yet, I found you amongst a billion people
There’s no (scientific) basis for this, but I believe this with all seriousness
We can’t live at the same time without trivial fights
If I can’t be honest, then rapture and sorrow are meaningless
Powdered snow, if you paled me white to the heart
Can you share our loneliness?
I pressed my ear against your heart
Going gently, deeply towards where the sound (is coming from)
(That’s where) I want to disembark,
There, we’ll meet once again
I want us to reach rapport but I was the (only) one who touched its surface
The only thing that was holding us together was my hand squeezing yours that was numb with cold
Powdered snow, in front (of us), eternity, too fragilely, becomes a stain upon rough asphalt
Powdered snow, this heart that has transcended time is faltering
And yet, I want to continue to protect you
Powdered snow, if you paled me white to the heart
You would wrap around our loneliness and send it back into the sky

Konayuki by Remioromen

Konayuki mau kisetsu wa itsumo sure chigaiHitogomi ni magirete mo onaji sora miteru no niKaze ni fukarete nita you ni kogoeru no ni
Boku wa kimi no subete nado shitte wa inai darouSore demo ichi oku ni kara kimi wo mitsuketa yoKonkyo wa nai kedo honki de omotterunda
Sasaina ii aimo nakuteWaranai waranaiOnaji jikan wo ikite nado ike naiSunao ni nare nai naraYorokobi mo kanashimi mo munashii dake
Konayuki nee kokoro made shiroku somerareta naraFutari no kodoku wo wake au koto ga dekita no kai
[ From: http://www.metrolyrics.com/konayuki-lyrics-remioromen.html ]Boku wa kimi no kokoro ni mimi wo oshi ateteSono koe no suru hou he zutto fukaku madeOrite yukitai soko de mou ichi do aou
Wakari aitai nante moWaranai waranai waranaiUwabe wo nadete itano wa boku no houKimi no kajikanda te mo nigirishimeruKoto dakede tsunagatteta no ni
Konayuki nee eien wo mae ni amari ni morokuZara tsuku ASUFARUTO no ue shimi ni natte yuku yo
Konayuki nee toki ni tayori naku kokoro wa yureruSore demo boku wa kimi no koto mamori tsuzuketai
Konayuki nee kokoro made shiroku somerareta naraFutari no kodoku wo tsutsunde sora ni kaesu kara

Everything ( It's You ) by Mr. Children - English Translation

Since the time when I was a boy who knew nothing of the world,
I'd trusted only in myself
I've somehow lived to be the man I am today,
through the support of a kind person

whining, letting loose with the complaints
seeing how it hurts another, but pretending not to.

Now, it's hard to see what's important, 
because I'm so happy
I can't even find the words to sing
pressed for time, at a loss

oh love of my life! 
Do you also harbor feelings so like pain in this way? 

If there's something I'm willing to protect 
no matter what I must sacrifice
for me, now, I think it's you.

At the end of the journey, 
I wonder what it is, those who follow their dreams get?
with lies and contradiction in their hands
do they realize, "this too is man"? 

Oh love of my life! I want to see you!
even supposing this isn't really love

If I should be ruined, without hesitation
throw away that old baggage.
Feel free to open and go ahead through a new door. 

If there's something you want, 
no matter what must be sacrificed,
if that's me, go on, do as you please.
even if I must sacrifice myself, 
there's only one thing that I must protect
and that's you. 
it's always you.


Everything ( It's You ) by Mr. Children

sekenshirazu datta shounen jidai kara
jibun dake wo shinjite kitakedo
kokoro aru hito no sasae no nakade
nanitoka ikiteru ima no boku de

yowane sarashitari guchi wo koboshitari
hito no itami wo miteminai furi wo shite
shiawase sugite taisetsuna koto ga
wakari tsuraku natta imadakara
utau kotobasaemo mitsukaranu mama
jikan ni oware tohou ni kureru

aisubeki hito yo kimi mo onaji you ni
kurushimi ni nita omoi wo daiteruno

nani wo gisei ni shitemo mamorubekimono ga aruto shite
boku ni totte ima kimi ga sore ni ataru to omoundayo

yume oi bito wa tabiji no hate de
ittai nani wo te ni surundaro
uso ya mujun wo ryoute ni kakae
'sore mo hito dayo' to satoreruno?

aisubeki hito yo kimi ni aitai
tatoeba kore ga koi to wa chigakutemo

boku ga ochiburetara mayowazu furui nimotsu wo sute
kimi wa atarashii doa wo akete susumeba iindayo

nani wo gisei ni shitemo te ni shitai mono ga aruto shite
sore wo boku to omounonara mou kimi no sukinayou ni shite
jibun wo gisei ni shitemo itsudemo
mamorubekimono wa tada hitotsu
itsudemo kiminandayo


Me and My Sister

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Life As I See It Now

Today, April 5th, 2012... it's kind of different than how my April 5th, 2011 went. Around this time last year, I was confused of what was going on in my relationship. I was wounded and at the brink of giving up. The following day, I spoke to Mark to tell him I want to break up with him.

Yes, tomorrow marks my first year. The first year after my relationship with Mark ended. And yes, today I am very thankful for what has happened. I thought I would be bitter about life and I would still be in pain by now. Looking back on each and every day I spent after the break up, I can say that I have gone a long way. Imagine all the things I did just so I can move on? Imagine all that i had to give to survive the pain? I have always looked forward to this day when I can already look back and say "I'm ok" without having tears in my eyes. It was a long year for me. A lot of things happened. A lot of changes in me took place: Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically and Mentally.

I know that my journey hasn't ended yet since I haven't found the Right One or at least the man I will be the Right One for. But I'm in the process of improving all that I am so when that day comes, I can say that I am ready and that I am a better person.

Right now, I am inlove... with work, family and life. And I never stopped loving these. With or without a boyfriend, I will stay inlove because that's the way life should be... it goes on. Despite the heartaches, the failures, the challenges, the lies, the dreams that hasn't been reached yet... Yes, it goes on.

SMiLE. Be Happy.

I realized, Life is short. Gotta make the most out of it. Gotta be happy .