Sunday, December 30, 2012


2012 has indeed been very successful for me.

It was the year I learned to love and let go. The year I gave so much in every aspect of my life. the year I learned to care less of what people say and the year I focused on what matters to me most.

It was a year of enlightenment. A year that opened my eyes to new aspirations and dreams. To new beginnings and sad endings. The year I said HELLO to a new life and goodbye to the bitter past. It was a year of transformation and growth.

I met a lot of new people. Dared to live everyday full of hope. Fell down but rose back up. Failed but didn't quit. Lost but tried again. Everything I have learned this year will contribute to what I will become next year. The lessons I have learned which will make me wiser and better next time around. It was a blessing to be able to celebrate everyday of 2012 as I continue to transition from a clumsy, reckless, immature 23-year old girl to a wiser, stronger, better 24-year old.

As 2013 approaches, I will never forget the things I have learned this year. I cannot promise myself not to commit anymore mistakes as that will be close to impossible but I definitely can make sure that I will hold on to the dreams I have realized this year and will continue to push through in the year to come. I cannot promise myself to be the best all the time as I know, I still have a lot to learn but i will be more open-minded, just as what this year has taught me. Open-mindedness will help me go far. Most importantly, I cannot promise to be at the top, but I will make sure that the journey to that path will be worth writing about to inspire people who continue to struggle and dream.

It's all good.... and getting even better. 2013, I'm so ready for you!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Puppy Love!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012

In Preparation For The Year To Come, 2013

1. Inspire someone
2. Travel alone
3. Cook something difficult
4. Re-discover faith
5. Count everyday's blessings
6. Surf
7. Ride a ferris wheel
8. Finish school. Please.
9. Lessen the nights out. Once every six months only.
10. Blog religiously.
11. Have more patience. Breathe before you react.
12. Try/learn how to "bartend"
13. Check-in an expensive hotel for a night just for the heck of it.
14. Keep in touch with your exes and yes, forgive and forget. Give them closure.
15. Visit the beach and yes, talk to a random good-looking guy. 
16. Learn a long phrase in 9 different languages
17. Try paintball
18. Try helmet diving
19. Find more inspirations to keep going
20. Discover the art of shutting up at least for a day or two
21. Blush on is a must.
22. Do not under estimate your capability of making the right decisions but never the less, do not under estimate your RIGHT of making wrong ones too.
23. Do not smoke. Regardless of the stress you're having.
24. Date yourself every Friday.
25. If someone asks you out, ask him first-- how often do you tell the truth?
26. Give away the slippers you are wearing to a less fortunate person on the street.
27. Do not be afraid to say NO.
28. Work harder and be more agressive at work
29. Keep your eye on the prize and sometimes, the price too.
30. Find time to relax on weekends.
31. Say a prayer everyday.
32. Fly to Thailand again.
33. Do not ask why. Just go with it.

Monday, December 10, 2012

New Year's Resolution

So... 2013 is coming. What do I want to do for next year? Now I am trying to finalize my top 100 things. Let's see what I will come up with!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why Do I Always Attract the Wrong Guys?

Attracting guys isn't always easy... well at least for me. I attract guys. Of course. But problem is I attract the wrong ones. If not a player, a liar. For some reason... I seem to not meet good guys.

All year long, I did entertain the thought of getting in a relationship. Not just a relationship.. but a good one. I met guys who are good looking, has great career but at the end of the day, they are still the wrong ones. One just broke up with his long-time girlfriend when we met and during the course of the courtship, they got back together. second one, just got out of a relationship when we met and was emotionally unavailable. when he finally realized he wanted to go for me, i wasn't interested anymore. next one, doesn't see himself married with kids. definitely a no-no regardless of the chemistry that we have. the other one was too popular with girls, i know i will have problems every now and then. other one, he was almost perfect but he just likes me as a friend. and now... this guy who said he's been single for one year --- actually wasn't. he said he just broke up with his girlfriend last week. and i do not trust that since he had lied to me in the first place.

So.... where are all the good guys? are all of them taken? gay probably? this is not something that i can figure out on my own. all this time, i only wanted a guy who will love me, be faithful to me and be that one person who is worth everything that i am.. every pain i went through in the past. but it seems like this right person is nowhere to be found. i'm sure there is one for me. but what is taking him so long? why do i have to meet all these wrong guys and result to thinking that a lot are jerks. ugh. this is tiring. i don't want to talk about it but...  it was running through my mind all day. i do not know what i am doing wrong... and if i'm not.... then why is it like this? being single is not a curse. but meeting the wrong guys every now and then is.